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For the alcohol cue condition, positive urge to drink was significantly and positively associated with altered state of awareness (r = .
These six cueing conditions were local cues (32 x 30 pixel), medium cues (80 x 75 pixel), global cues (160 x 150 pixel), big cues (480 x 320), distractor cues (32 x 30 pixel, in the four corners of the display), and a control condition (no cue condition).
Samsung CUE gives customers access to an unprecedented offering of personalized entertainment including Music, Magazines and Ringtones.
Under the terms of the WA-359-P Farmout Agreement, Beach will acquire 21% equity and free carry Cue for 4% of the cost of drilling the lronbark-1 exploration well in WA-359-P.
We are taking the CUE Rock Star concept to the next level," said Jon Corippo, CUE's Chief Innovation Officer, adding, "Educators are clamoring for more specific professional learning, learning that focuses on their grade range, curricular focus or workgroups - and we've had spectacular response to the CUE Rock Star Specialty Camps.
Shara Tibken, a senior reporter for CNET and CBSI who covers Apple and Samsung, said Apple denied Cue told Rihanna to sit down.
Cue Biopharma (Cue) is an immunotherapy company developing biologics engineered to selectively communicate with disease-relevant T cell subsets to treat cancer and autoimmune disease.
But, after two convincing victories this winter, Cue Card is rated the home defence's best chance of stopping the prize being exported to Ireland for the first time since Kicking King gained the second of his triumphs in 2005.
In reality, a cue is anything your dog can perceive.
Tests are undertaken as the consumer submits a small sample (blood, nasal swab, or saliva) into a customized cartridge, which is then placed inside the Cue.
In other words, the authors suggested two potential sources of behavioral control: environmental cues (panel lights) and practice cues, which are the result of repeating the same sequence many times (Lanai 1975; Shimp 1981, 1982).
Trials were blocked with respect to each of two cue conditions (cue and no cue) and two target-probe SOA conditions (0 and 2000 msec).