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Reginald Cuff when this rencontre was proposed to him.
Yes, when the hour of battle came, he was almost ashamed to say, "Go it, Figs"; and not a single other boy in the place uttered that cry for the first two or three rounds of this famous combat; at the commencement of which the scientific Cuff, with a contemptuous smile on his face, and as light and as gay as if he was at a ball, planted his blows upon his adversary, and floored that unlucky champion three times running.
As he did not in the least know how to parry the blows that were aimed at himself, and Cuff had begun the attack on the three preceding occasions, without ever allowing his enemy to strike, Figs now determined that he would commence the engagement by a charge on his own part; and accordingly, being a left-handed man, brought that arm into action, and hit out a couple of times with all his might-- once at Mr.
that is, it would have been, only Waterloo had not yet taken place)--it was Ney's column breasting the hill of La Haye Sainte, bristling with ten thousand bayonets, and crowned with twenty eagles--it was the shout of the beef-eating British, as leaping down the hill they rushed to hug the enemy in the savage arms of battle-- in other words, Cuff coming up full of pluck, but quite reeling and groggy, the Fig-merchant put in his left as usual on his adversary's nose, and sent him down for the last time.
Reginald Cuff was not able, or did not choose, to stand up again.
He threatened to flog Figs violently, of course; but Cuff, who had come to himself by this time, and was washing his wounds, stood up and said, "It's my fault, sir--not Figs'--not Dobbin's.
asked Sergeant Cuff, still addressing himself, not to his brother-officer, but to me.
Sergeant Cuff, after considering a minute, sighed, and shook his head.
Franklin was as close at hand as could be--waiting for his first chance of being introduced to the great Cuff.
To-day is Friday," said Sergeant Cuff, addressing himself to Superintendent Seegrave.
Having settled the question of the paint, Sergeant Cuff, from that moment, gave his brother-officer up as a bad job-- and addressed himself to Mr.
He turned to Sergeant Cuff, and explained that my daughter was Miss Verinder's maid.