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Cuffed tube has not been very popular because of the fear that the cuff would cause airway mucosal injury, leading to subglottic stenosis.!9-111 Contrary to the previous practice, UK practice has changed now with cuffed tube becoming more acceptable for use in children.!71 Although, the cuffed ET tube has several advantages, the necessity of costly microcuff, frequent cuff pressure monitoring etc., remain to be prerequisite for ensuring its benefits.
The senior resident could not insert a cuffed Mallinckrodt[R] ETT (ID, 5.0 mm; OD, 6.9 mm; deflated cuff portion, 8.4 mm; Mallinckrodt, Dublin, Ireland, Figure 2a) because of resistance at the level of the glottic opening.
Incidence and pathogenesis of tracheal injury following cuffed tube tracheostomy with assisted ventilation: Analysis of a two-year prospective study.
They have a high-volume, low-pressure cuffed design that conforms to the shape of the trachea.
Thirty days later, the percentage of jeopardized heart muscle saved by revascularization was nearly 50 percent greater in patients who had been "cuffed" than those who had not.
CUFFED sandals look set to be the must-have footwear this summer and the shoe of choice in every fashionista's holiday suitcase.
After induction of anaesthesia and muscle relaxation, endotracheal intubation was performed with a cuffed 8 mm ID ILMA-ETT through an ILMA #4.