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Hit hard by the celebrated Cuff, he hit back smartly, to the best of his ability, on leaving the room.
Having returned his brother-officer's compliments in those terms, Sergeant Cuff wheeled about, and walked away to the window by himself.
NOBODY HAS STOLEN THE DIAMOND," answered Sergeant Cuff.
With that in mind, we have applied our expertise in blood pressure measurement to the design of our new line of disposable blood pressure cuffs," Monk said.
Now the standard of care for intubating patients has leaped forward again, thanks to its next-generation, innovative taper-shaped cuff, the TaperGuard endotracheal tube.
Fabriclean Supply of Arkansas LP has filed a civil suit in Pulaski County Circuit Court against Cuffs, claiming it wasn't paid for $54,000 worth of products that it sold to Cuffs.
Both cuffs and the airtight box are pressurised above systolic pressure and the control lever is then activated to produce a sustained leak from the upper cuff and the casing.
Wiping the cuff with an alcohol swab or two would help remove germs.
The flag has generated plenty of curiosity, and even some sparks of anger, Pastor Brian Cuff says.
Recognizing that current standards for blood pressure cuffs are not wholly adequate for all patient populations, SunTech Medical's extensive family of blood pressure cuffs are specifically designed for patient comfort and ease of use.
But with as many as 30 people strapping on the cuff during any one screening, there isn't much that health education registered nurse J.