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As further evidence of how she had been inspired by Scott's own materialist habitus, she added to the description of a cuirasse, also collected by Scott at Waterloo, his account of the Highlanders doing their fry-up.
On the other side, seeing a great mountain of severed heads, shattered legs, broken arms, and other members and cuirasses, all lacerated, gnawed, and battered, the scene before me looked like the Cavern of Polyphemus, the Anatomy of Vecelli, and the Rout of Roncisvalle.
1978): Cuirasses bauxitiques et ferrugineuses d'Afrique occidentale.
Mr Middleton, who has a key role in the production of the helmets and cuirasses for the Household Cavalry Regiments, has been described as the "prime example" of the company's workforce of skilled craftsmen.
10) execute par Rude pour l'arc de l'Etoile, avec ses soldats nus ou habilles de cuirasses romaines, cette victoire drapee, portant l'egide sur la poitrine: n'est-ce pas la tout le vocabulaire antiquisant qui est utilise pour cette demonstration de l'enthousiasme romantique?
The same is true of the props and costumes, from the women's looms to the soldiers' leather cuirasses and brass helmets.
This catalogue comprises the remainder of the book and includes descriptions of a pulpit used by a secessionist Presbyterian minister, a complete suit of feudal armor, cuirasses from Waterloo, stags' horns, a bust of Shakespeare, and a library filled with obscure volumes.
The scarlet and gold uniforms, shining helmets, silver cuirasses, plumes, swords, gold braid, the massed pipes and drums and the prancing horses were magnificent.