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Over $156,000 was raised through Givealittle to pay for lawyers to stop the cull.
We queried the National Gamebag Census database (Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, Fordingbridge, UK; extracted on 15 April 2016) for shooting estates which submitted annual fox cull records during 1996-2000.
Today, Vytiaco said BAI teams were scheduled to cull birds in backyard farms within the control zone.
Farmers continue to accept a key principle, just as they have done for decades - animals which test positive for bovine TB need to be culled in order to stop the disease being spread to other animals, and animals which have been in close contact with those animals must also be culled, as they also pose a risk.
When imposed properly, antler restrictions are actually the best way to "cull" the herd.
This whole saga is a triple tragedy: for the farmers and their cattle, for the badgers, and for the public, as millions upon millions of pounds are spent in compensation for affected herds and the cull itself.
The badger culls are a wholly indiscriminate slaughter of wildlife hiding under a disingenuous fig leaf of 'disease prevention'.
BADGER culls could be extended further across England as part of the Government's attempts to curb tuberculosis in cattle, the farming minister has said.
The license to cull also requires inspection of the designated reserves by senior police officers following instructions that "''all shooting activities to be conducted with public safety in mind''.
Amanda Callaghan, aged 47 and her mother Carol, aged 66, both from Kingstanding, said they were outraged by the decision to cull the badgers.