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RSPCA bosses say independent studies have advised against culling and testing and biosecurity should be improved instead.
It showed that culling was associated with increased TB in badgers, with areas which had received four culls seeing a doubling of the rate of infection, the BBC said.
Gloucestershire has the minimum so any landholders pulling out would end culling.
The UK Government says culling of badgers is necessary as part of efforts to tackle spiralling rates of tuberculosis (TB) in cattle.
The group of scientists say they believe that culling badgers "is very unlikely to contribute to TB eradication" and they "urge the Government to reconsider its strategy".
5% reduction in TB herd incidences in English culling areas over a 54-month period after badger culls ended - and a reduction of 37% in the six months to March 2011.
Bristol University scientists have also disputed claims that culling island hedgehogs is more humane than moving them.
If data processed by Preservation Partner needs to be reviewed in the future, companies may send data to EED's Seattle or New York processing centers for further searching, culling, hosting, review and production.
Northumberland, Durham and Tees Valley trusts are repeating their call for the Government to drop badger culling from its proposed strategy to tackle bovine TB in England.
But 29% supported the policy, while 22% did not know and 15% had no strong feelings about badger culling, according to the poll which comes ahead of the start of two pilot culls in Gloucestershire and Somerset.
The councillors at the Forest of Dean District Council in Gloucestershire passed a motion against allowing badgers to be culled on land it owns, manages or controls, and to urge other local landowners to prevent culling on their land.
Ms Spelman said she was "strongly minded" to approve pilot culls allowing "free shooting" to assess how efficient and humane culling can be.