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Validation Exercise finally culminated with a daring raid in the jungle terrain to neutralise the terrorists.
More good Park forward work culminated in a Martin O'Keefe try but it was game on again as Ryan Weatherall replied for the Yorkshiremen with the Stead conversion making it 20-19.
Violent opposition to the strike culminated in slaughter when police fired on unarmed strikers, killing four and injuring countless others, in an event that would come to be know as Bloody Friday.
When he was awarded the Order of Canada in 2004, he was cited for his role as a "spiritual, community and political leader" who "demonstrated immense perseverance and determination during the negotiations that culminated in the historic Nisga'a Treaty.
The progress of China's automotive industry is said to have culminated in the development of a significant tires subsector.
When word got out that the nets used to catch tuna also trapped and drowned hundreds of thousands of dolphins each year, the Earth Island Institute led a successful boycott that culminated with the U.
Recognition for Mockbee's work culminated in the award of the prestigious Macarthur 'genius grant' in 2000.
Each village spent time reenacting camp rituals of the past, and the season culminated with a grand birthday celebration -- attended by both sessions' campers and their parents and featuring the much beloved folk singer, Debbie Friedman.
That single service, however, played virtually no role in the explosive growth that culminated in today's Internet.
They culminated in photographs of CEOs: modern-day courtly portraits, every last one of them a manly hero in a suit posing in front of the artistically high-carat appointments of his executive suite.
He culminated his career by being inducted into the ABCA Hall of Fame in 1989, and being chosen Executive Director of the ABCA in 1994.