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That is, notwithstanding the fact that the da nce of desire culminates in mutual pleasure for the lovers, Hero's surrender nevertheless yields guilt and shame.
Enhanced with a glossary of computer terms, Taming Your Computer provides simple answers to simple questions and culminates in even the most novice the reader being able to use their computer quickly and with confidence.
This transaction culminates a highly successful value-creation strategy that we put in place with our investment partner on this property.
Evincing the iconoclasm, anti-Augustanism, and sublime concordia discors of Lucan's Pharsalia, Milton's epic, in Norbrook's analysis, both reflects upon contemporary politics and culminates the mid-century republican reassessment of classical literary culture.
The stair culminates in the revelation of the almost unbelievable vistas to east, west and south.
A bright poolside finale culminates in a magical sextet for three girls attached to ropes manipulated from the ground by male partners.
All this culminates in an object that leaves one at once perplexed and delighted - an interesting, and awfully rare, sensation.
These culminates in outputs such as changes in the cell's shape.