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PALMDALE -- Youngsters age 9 to 12 begin a two-week theater camp that will culminate in a production of ``Jack and the Beanstalk.
In the sixth and last chapter, "The Parterre and French National Identity in the Eighteenth Century," Ravel's thesis culminates in a discussion about the post-1750 parterre "as representative of larger, more politicized notions such as the 'public' or the 'nation"' (11).
It winds irresistibly round, gathering more stair connections as it goes, and culminates in a double-level bar and restaur ant with magnificent views over the Rhine dock.
SANTA CLARITA - Nominations are being accepted for the 2001 Man and Woman of the Year, an annual event that honors local people based on outstanding volunteer service and culminates with a banquet in May.
This trajectory culminates in Doctor Faustus's repellent theological cruelty and Hero and Leander's sadis tic mockery.
The stair culminates in the revelation of the almost unbelievable vistas to east, west and south.
The first week of the program focuses on modern dance, tap, and ballet and culminates with a performance.
The panel's report culminates a year-long investigation commissioned by NHLBI as a guide for making funding decisions on the "total artificial heart" (TAH), an experimental device intended as a replacement for the human heart.
The approval of the agreement culminates some 3 months of contract negotiations between the Union Bargaining Committee and the company.
Enhanced with a glossary of computer terms, Taming Your Computer provides simple answers to simple questions and culminates in even the most novice the reader being able to use their computer quickly and with confidence.
This transaction culminates a highly successful value-creation strategy that we put in place with our investment partner on this property.
Evincing the iconoclasm, anti-Augustanism, and sublime concordia discors of Lucan's Pharsalia, Milton's epic, in Norbrook's analysis, both reflects upon contemporary politics and culminates the mid-century republican reassessment of classical literary culture.