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For many it has spoken for itself quite forcefully in the unfolding drama of world events since the professor first propounded his Clash concept: the bitter cultural straggles of the Balkans and the Middle East; the Russian war in Chechnya; the Indo-Pakistani stand-off; the ethnic bloodbaths in Africa; the increasingly intense and widespread hostility toward America by Islamic fundamentalists, manifest in multiple "terrorist" attacks culminating in the September 11 conflagrations.
This included revamping our core curriculum, the creation of a capstone culminating seminar that reviews all major content domains in psychology, and the enhancement and addition of research design courses.
The pounds 4,000 sponsorship, matched by a pounds 2,200 donation from the SCWs' Sportsmatch Cymru scheme, will be ploughed into the establishment of district and regional competitions culminating in a national final, which does not currently exist among schools.
The heart of Bridgeport Landing is a 50-foot-wide walkway that rings the peninsula, connecting the various parts of the development and culminating in a town square that functions as the center of the community.
is a two-year, 60 credit hour program culminating in an empirical thesis.
Breaking Boundaries, on the other hand, is a monograph, in which Smith, drawing primarily upon the theories of Bakhtin, Stephen Greenblatt, Michel de Certeau, and Gregory Bateson (2), argues that English theater after 1585 features a growing interest in breaking social and theatrical boundaries, culminating in "the complete dissolution of boundaries between theater, punitive practice and carnival play in the 'social drama' of 1649" (137).
The situation is characterized by a plethora of changes in products, organizations, services, managed care concepts, culminating in what is frequently referred to as the alphabet soup of contemporary health care (HMO, PPO, PO, PHO, IPA, MSO, PSN, etc.
The week-long event features parades, food fairs, music, fine art showcases, local band and calypso competitions, culminating in festivities at the National Stadium.
Hundreds of messages from Mary and Jesus are then organized into sixty topical categories, culminating in a series of divine teachings that illuminate The Book of Revelations, uncovering the true teachings of Jesus.
From a young girl standing up to British soldiers at Concord on April 19, 1775 where "the shot heard round the world" was fired, to a young boy and his dog catching a Tory spy after they crossed the Delaware River with George Washington troops on Christmas night in 1776, to a young soldier's decision at Valley Forge, and culminating with a young boy witnessing the inauguration of George Washington as the first American president, all of these fifteen stories are providing with sidebars to make the history of the American Revolution truly come alive.