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This is particularly true when determining the culpability of high-level executives .
Action will depend on the culpability of the concerned officers.
In his affirmation, Senator Kerrey points out that the Kingdom's Memorandum of Law contains several misleading statements concerning the investigation and findings of the 9/11 Commission relative to possible Saudi culpability for the sponsorship of al Qaeda and the events of September 11, 2001.
When sentencing, judges and magistrates now have to take into account the harm to the victim and culpability of the offender.
That organizations demonstrate culpability independent of their individual agents has long been recognized both in other areas of the law and competing academic conceptualizations of organizational criminal liability.
While the Industrial Bank of Japan has indicated a readiness to apply for the injection of public money into its capital base, the culpability issue is discouraging some banks from applying.
Goldhagen argued for the culpability of all German Gentiles, and therefore the inevitability of the Holocaust, by reason of a genocidal anti-Semitism that was a political and cultural commonplace in modern Germany.
To the extent taxpayers are unable to produce such documentation on audit, or provide an acceptable explanation of why certain types of record were not prepared or retained, those facts should be taken into account in assessing culpability.
In the early Middle Ages war was generally regarded as sullying the warriors, but Aristotelian political theory and its use in just-war theory seemed to mitigate the moral culpability soldiers contracted, though V.
5~: Females will impose similar penalties regardless of the extent of the employee's culpability.
Finally, egalitarian values other than the more obvious ones implicated in bias crimes can also inform a judgment of culpability.
3) Advocates of bias crime legislation strive to demonstrate that bias crimes are more wrongful than identical crimes not motivated by bias,(4) or that bias crimes implicate a greater degree of culpability on the part of the perpetrator of the crime.