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Blameworthy; involving the commission of a fault or the breach of a duty imposed by law.

Culpability generally implies that an act performed is wrong but does not involve any evil intent by the wrongdoer. The connotation of the term is fault rather than malice or a guilty purpose. It has limited significance in Criminal Law except in cases of reckless Homicide in which a person acts negligently or demonstrates a reckless disregard for life, which results in another person's death. In general, however, culpability has milder connotations. It is used to mean reprehensible rather than wantonly or grossly negligent behavior. Culpable conduct may be wrong but it is not necessarily criminal.

Culpable ignorance is the lack of knowledge or understanding that results from the omission of ordinary care to acquire such knowledge or understanding.


adj. sufficiently responsible for criminal acts or negligence to be at fault and liable for the conduct. Sometimes culpability rests on whether the person realized the wrongful nature of his/her actions and thus should take the blame.


adjective accusable, at fault, blamable, blameworthy, censurable, chargeable, condemnable, criminal, criminous, culpandus, delinquent, deservvng blame, deserving censure, discreditable, dishonest, dissolute, encroaching, felonious, guilty, having violated the law, improper, in error, in the wrong, indictable, indiscreet, lawbreaking, lawless, meriting censure, meriting condemnation, misdemeanant, peccant, punishable, transgressing, unrighteous, worthy of blame, wrong
See also: at fault, blameful, blameworthy, contemptible, delinquent, disobedient, felonious, guilty, iniquitous, peccable, reprehensible, reprobate, sinister, unjustifiable
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He said Lady Rae had stated in her report that she made no allowance for it as, in her view, it explained the decision to return a verdict of culpable homicide rather than murder.
De este modo la acusada pudo abandonar la prision, si bien quedo inhabilitada para los cargos publicos durante tres anos, lo que resulta barato si de verdad era culpable.
The President has also been advised to grant special remission of one year to the female prisoners who have been accompanying children and are serving sentence of imprisonment for crimes other than culpable homicide and terrorist acts.
In investigated matters where multiple corporate decision makers were involved, targeted culpable employees may be more senior level employees or officers.
With eight charges against Khan, including culpable homicide and a non-bailable offence, the court deemed him guilty.
During the seven-month trial, the state failed to convince Judge Thokozile Masipa, 67, of Pistorius' intent to kill when he fired, leading to his conviction for negligent killing -- culpable homicide -- and a five-year jail term in October.
The sentence for a conviction for culpable homicide, or negligent killing, is at the judge's discretion and can range from a suspended sentence and a fine to as much as 15 years in prison.
Masipa is expected to render her decision on the culpable homicide charge, as well as on three lesser firearms charges, when the court meets again Friday.
A pesar de que comenzamos a vivir una epoca en la que nadie se siente responsable, la primera vertiente, sensible al mal como intencion--un mal que se situa en la conciencia y las consecuencias de una eleccion--, es la que ha prevalecido: busquemos al culpable.
A Mumbai magistrate's court in February charged the actor with culpable homicide not amounting to murder.
There is very little doubt in our minds that the Syrian regime is culpable," Carney said.
The actor, who will now be tried for culpable homicide not amounting to murder, pleaded not guilty to the charges framed against him.