culpable omission

See: misdeed
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As writers of travels among barbarous communities are generally very diffuse on these subjects, he deems it right to advert to what may be considered a culpable omission. No one can be more sensible than the author of his deficiencies in this and many other respects; but when the very peculiar circumstances in which he was placed are understood, he feels assured that all these omissions will be excused.
It is easier to charge culpable omission than disprove it, but the book tries to place Bergoglio within a church moving from conflicted confusion toward appalled realization.
On the other hand, if the defendant causes substantial injury to the victim and still has the opportunity to save him--by calling 911, for example, or by giving him the antidote to a poison--then the defendant is guilty of a second culpable omission for his failure to save.
The judge also referred to "the defendant's own culpable omission in failing to make discovery of the Coulton memo.