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While tolerance to a range of soil moisture conditions may increase the cultivatable range of switchgrass, it also suggests that the species is not likely to be very competitive in natural areas exposed to prolonged drought, as is common in much of California.
However, as land was left in fallow and as cultivatable land became scarcer, area for cultivation was sought farther from the settlements on steep slope, while in other areas the environment dictated where production could occur.
The climate, soil type and vegetation are intimately related to each other and their integration support vegetatal cover in all the vacant open soil patches, cultivatable fields and land cleared for housing enterprises in the City.
In the case of exotic species, such as grass and cultivatable species, local biodiversity is greatly decreased (FEARNSIDE, 2001) and the development of new cultures, such as sugar-cane and eucalyptus, are being encouraged in the region.
Claims that Whitman's "I Sing the Body Electric" provides a metaphor of the modern body, which he describes as a "hygienic body, athletic body, sensual and sexualized body but also collectivized body, cultivatable body, body submitted to productivist profitability.
The goal was to increase Egypt's cultivatable land to 25%.
5 thousands hectares are cultivatable land (Wapda, 2000).
There are other places where the present population is greater than the fishery and the existing area of cultivatable land together can ordinarily support or where the land does not hold out any possibilities whatever.
This is a cultivatable mushroom but you would not want to eat it.
First, it Consideration of cultivatable and adversely insult lands by experts view point.
Evaluation of three COPAN viral transport systems for the recovery of cultivatable, clinical virus isolates.
This includes planning of water-traps on natural drainage gullies as well as dug wells and the optimum breadth of cultivatable land that can be served by the infrastructure.