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So far, the ministry has cultivated 24 species of corals as part of the three-phase initiative, according to a senior official.
30 farmers in Tendu gewog have cultivated quinoa in three acres of land altogether.
32 percent of set targets and crop had been cultivated over 369.
The level of education of the farmer does not seem to be strongly correlated with the number of species cultivated in home gardens (Gbedomon et al.
Holt exponential smoothing method was used to forecast cultivated area, amount of production, and yield from the period 2016 - 2026.
Meanwhile, he said that cotton had been cultivated over 1.
According to the sources of irrigation department, more than 40 thousands acrs of Sukkur barrage were being cultivated illegally on the water of Akram Wah initially though the small pipes, later on openly by the influential for a long time when department was sought permission only for usage of six inches pipes for rehabilitation of the forest nursery only.
Previous studies on photosynthetic characteristics of Soja, especially cultivated soybean, have mainly focused on yield formation (Cooper and Qualls, 1967; Buttery et al.
Very few have cultivated around their homestead, on less than a fedan.
Muscat, Feb 8 (ONA) The Sultanate's cultivated agriculture land in 2014 is estimated to be 164,000 acres, a marked decrease from the cultivated land area in 2000 which stood at 173,000 acres, says the statistical year book 2015 published by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).
9% in case of removing part of the area cultivated with sustainable clover to cultivate wheat.
Garamser district chief Abu Omar Omari said the crop had not been cultivated in his district after 76 individuals, who tried to do so, were detained.