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Therefore, the wintering of animals on cultivated fields with a forage crop may exacerbate the loss of P in particulate form.
frutescens is extensively cultivated and used in Korea (Nitta, 2001), although cultivated var.
His effort at understanding the cultivated wilderness is leavened by bits of self-effacing humour and an avoidance of technocratic jargon.
Under the Turks, they paid taxes to a landlord and were deemed de facto owners of the land once they had cultivated it for ten consecutive years.
In May 2012, the study started in Salalah and the team selected five superior varieties of cactus to be cultivated on an area of 250sq m at the Qauroon Heriti farm.
Rana Mubashir Hasan, another farmer, says that strawberries are cultivated in October but the crop starts to bear fruit around January.
There was about 479, 568 acres of cultivated agriculture land in the district about 20 years ago.
In Sahiwal Division, 1,790,000 metric tons wheat production target had been fixed and for this purpose wheat would be cultivated over 1,266,000 acres of land while a target of 2,567,000 metric tons wheat would be achieved from Multan Division by cultivating wheat over 2,110,000 acres of land.
while in irrigated areas, the wheat varieties like Sehar-2006, Lasani-2008, Faisalabad-2008, AARI-2011, Punjab-2011, Millat-2011, NARC-2011, Shafaq-2006, Fareed-2006, Meraj-2008 and Aas-2011 should be cultivated from November 01.
OKARA -- Out of the 0.4 million tonnes of potato seed being utilised in the country, 90 per cent is imported with potato crop now being cultivated thrice a year instead of being a seasonal crop cultivated once until the recent past.
Al-Fayoum cultivated 16,162 feddans of cotton, and Gharbia cultivated 14,237 feddans, according to the report.
This country had about 182,300 square kilometer of land under irrigation and had 196,860 sqkm or 25.28% of arable land under cultivation a decade ago -- when India had 1,535,063 or 51.63% of arable land cultivated, Bangladesh had 68%.