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Five female farmers were given awards for changing their lot by cultivating green vegetables and selling them in the local markets.
Critique: Comprised of twenty-four articles of impressive and seminal scholarship, "Curriculum-Based Library Instruction: From Cultivating Faculty Relationships to Assessment" is enhanced with the inclusion of a number of figures and tables, as well as a comprehensive Index, making it an ideal Library Science curriculum supplement text and a core addition to academic library collections.
The land is leased using three financial systems: the first involves the company cultivating the land, the second, leasing the land to other companies, and the third, cultivating in cooperation with investors.
Other farmers started cultivating saffron after my cultivation gave a positive result," he claimed.
Between 2001 and 2008 we found out that cultivating melons and vegetables is very expensive because there was not enough market demand and because Israeli aggression destroyed all the crops in 2006," Fadel explained.
Local farmers have been cultivating the two crops since generations, but they have now started cultivating strawberry as an alternative crop for the last few years.
Its cultivation started years after cultivating apple.
97 thousand tons green chillies were produced by cultivating it over 57.
THE NEW European Commission leadership is preparing a compromise on cultivating genetically modified foodstuffs in the European Union (EU) that might end Brussels' years-long political standoff with anti-GM member states.
Keylong (HP), Oct 20 (ANI): Farmers in Keylong region of Himachal Pradesh are getting good returns by cultivating hops.
A man, 39, and a woman, 34, were arrested on suspicion of cultivating the drug.
The reason for high within-provincial inequality was a highly skewed distribution of land across cultivating households and the lack of regressivity in the distribution of irrigation across farm size groups.