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The EU is furthermore strongly engaged in cultural diplomacy on the global scene as an investment in peace, conflict prevention, stability, development and reconciliation.
While briefing the media persons, the Cultural Counselor of Chinese Embassy and Director China Cultural Center, You Yi said in the coming days, people of Pakistan are going to enjoy exhibition of typical Chinese art and talent in the form of music and performance.
The business of culture is a major collection of essays by literary scholars and cultural historians; it is neither about the anthropologists' notion of 'culture', nor sociologists' 'entrepreneurship', and certainly least related to the economist's 'business'.
This year's events include performances by folk bands from 30 countries, heritage villages, art exhibitions, murals, in addition to art and cultural activities across the country.
Click here for complete coverage on Global Village More than 75 cultures are represented at the event through 27 country pavilions showcasing more than 12,000 cultural and entertainment shows.
World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development a chance for people to celebrate cultural diversity and harmony.
Findings disclosed that majority of the respondents share global cultural values; however they are highly influenced by their defined cultural boundaries.
This paper will examine whether the Japanese law relating to the protection of cultural properties effectively works in the event of calamity by looking at the measures taken by the Japanese Government following the 2011 Great Earthquake.
This job has been taken up by different cultural studies theorists since.
The Massachusetts Cultural Council has awarded more than $700,000 in grants for fiscal 2014 in Worcester County.
For more than two years, cultural journalism has been absent in Yemen, and several cultural newspapers have stopped publishing.
Muscat, Aug 27 (ONA) The Heritage and Culture Ministry is currently preparing to organize the Omani Cultural Days in Sydney, Australia during September 26th to 29th within the external cultural programme system of the Ministry for this year.