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some literature suggests that it might sometimes be difficult for individuals other than native-born Quebecois to identify with this cultural group (Legault 1992).
Thus, based on these differences, one might expect cultural group differences in prosocial tendencies in these two societies.
Different cultural groups view the following ideas differently:
Although one would have hoped that a translator from the 'target' cultural group would notice and react if a specific concept did not translate easily, the quality of the outcome might be better if done through multidisciplinary, multicultural teamwork where different roles are clearly defined.
Hence, there is a need for every institution to provide adequately its cultural group s with supplies, equipment, costumes and props for quality performances.
Interestingly, some parents within the same cultural group defined their children as having both a disability and as being healthy.
Watson argued that the theme of cultural specificity, defined by Leong as an exploration of concepts, constructs, and models that are specific to a cultural group, has not been addressed in career assessment in South Africa.
2 million individuals of this cultural group living in the United States, representing an increase of 46% since 1990 (Kim & Omizo, 2003).
One of the concerns in the presenting community, as voiced by Ella Baff among others, is the need to think broadly about diversity, not just in terms of the hot-button cultural group at the moment or the filling of programmatic slots.
For a period of at least three consecutive days, you will assume the identity of an imaginary DePaul student from a particular cultural group (to be assigned).
At times, cultural differences contribute to cultural conflict, particularly when the dominant cultural group imposes a universal imperative that presumes its way of thinking, behaving, and responding to the world is superior (Patton & Day-Vines, 2004).

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