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The authors, who specialize in Universal Design for Learning, combine the frameworks of Universal Design for Learning with Culturally Responsive Teaching to show teachers how to design culturally responsive learning environments and lesson plans for all learners and to address the language learning needs of English learners in particular.
Search results directed me to references such as "see culturally deprived" or "see culturally disadvantaged.
Federal legislative initiatives and, additionally, legislation in New York State (NYS) have recently focused on culturally competent and end-of-life care.
The contractor shall provide culturally specific supportive services to 1) decrease the high disparity of American Indian children in out-of-home placements through support in the area of case plan development for American Indian families who have entered Ramsey County Child Protective Services system, and 2) increase the availability of culturally specific foster homes available to American Indian children by recruiting, developing and sustaining American Indian foster care providers.
Everyone has a culture, and to provide culturally appropriate care, a nurses must understand their own culture and that of the nursing profession.
who are culturally open and influential with others.
Professor Raj Bhopal, from Edinburgh University's centre for population health sciences, said that the differing approaches show that a more family-centred strategy, in addition with culturally tailored lifestyle advice, could produce significant benefits to people's health through weight loss.
The cultural safety model should be reviewed to more effectively address the needs of Maori and patients from culturally diverse backgrounds.
Researchers in special education, disabilities studies, multicultural studies, critical pedagogy, linguistics and language learning, lesbian studies, and other fields from New Zealand, the US, and Canada present their theories and practices within an alternative framework of research called culturally responsive methodologies, which challenge traditional research paradigms that devalue and dehumanize research participants.
Hence, Application may relate to how a specific theoretical approach can be culturally adapted for work with a specific population (Application, theory to culturally competent practice); how a classroom-based strategy promotes cross-cultural learning among students (Application, classroom teaching to cultural competence, for example, teaching practices that include model syllabi and classroom experiences that promote an understanding of various aspects of culturally competent practice); and how a research strategy promotes connections between researchers and the community in which data are collected (Application, research to community outreach), among others.
A culturally sensitive manner of teaching that respects the differences of all who choose to become nurses will improve recruitment and retention of students.

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