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Improvement of CHO cell culture medium formulation: Simultaneous substitution of glucose and glutamine.
of conidia/mL in 50 mL of optimised culture medium in order to obtain the optimized inoculum size of culture medium.
Furthermore, this system allows researchers for the first time to precisely define and control all the important physical parameters - such as composition, temperature, pressure and flow velocity of air and culture medium.
When these microshoot clusters were subcultured to glass flasks (300ml) containing liquid MS culture medium free of PGR a high proliferation rate and the subsequent development and elongation of multiple adventitious shoots were observed (Figure 1d).
A patent for the Campy-Cefex culture medium was awarded in 1999 to Stern, with Wojton and Kwiatek listed as co-inventors.
We recently showed that assay of the culture medium of intestinal biopsy specimens for EmA antibodies can identify an infiltrative/hyperplastic histologic pattern that occurs in CD patients but is often associated with negative serum EmA assay results (8).
For isolation and differentiation of monocytes, PBMCs were suspended in mononuclear leukocyte culture medium [complete Dulbecco's modified Eagle's medium (DMEM)] (Waldman et al.
In an effort to improve our in-vitro production (fertilization and development), we compared a commercially prepared culture medium (Human Tubal Fluid [HTF]; Irvine Scientific, Irvine, CA) to our in-house prepared medium (Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility [REI]).
IVF is a laboratory technique by which human embryos are conceived in a petri dish which contains a culture medium.