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An' I shall be nought but cumber, a-sittin' i' th' chimney-corner.
Thee look'st as if thee know'dst no more o' care an' cumber nor when thee wast a babby a-lyin' awake i' th' cradle.
But as it was, his trousers cumbered him in that desperate race, and presently, when he was about sixty yards from us, his boot, polished by the dry grass, slipped, and down he went on his face right in front of the elephant.
It was a wild chaos where axe and sword rose and fell, while Englishman, Norman, and Italian staggered and reeled on a deck which was cumbered with bodies and slippery with blood.
The purpose of the public contract is to collect hazardous waste from households and small cumbers, deposited as a voluntary contribution by local retailers and retailers, on markets or public places in the territory of the cannes pays de lrins agglomeration community.
Aaron Cumbers and Ryan Howard, both 21, and Jordan Herry, aged 23, spent two years together on the Jewellery and Silversmithing HND at the School of Jewellery, part of Birmingham City University.
Locations featured include Steamtwon National Historic Site, Pennsylvania; Golden Spike National Historic Site, Utah; Cumbers & Toltec Scenic Railroad National Historic Landmark, Colorado; and much more.
Frank Gardner was shot six times in Riyadh in 2004 in an attack which left his cameraman, Simon Cumbers, dead.
A COURT in Saudi Arabia has sentenced the killer of Irish cameraman Simon Cumbers to death.
Professor Andrew Cumbers, from the University of Glasgow, says a mass sell-off has boosted private firms' profits but failed customers.
Andrew Cumbers, Professor of Geographical Political Economy at the University of Glasgow, is one such pupil, and he has been assiduously constructing some earthworks of his own to sap the fortress of neo-liberal ideology regarding public ownership.
Luis Cumbers' cameo appearances at Plymouth and Grimsby bode well as he looks to build himself back up to full fitness and news is awaited of Loick Pires' injury recovery.

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