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To follow him it was necessary for the heavy, cumbersome apes to make a wide detour, and Sheeta, too, who hated water.
When that comes, think not thou to find me slack On my part aught endeavouring, or to need Thy politic maxims, or that cumbersome Luggage of war there shewn me--argument Of human weakness rather than of strength.
I next removed the white and cumbersome parts of my underclothing, and replaced them by a petticoat of dark flannel.
This conveyance, the box of which I was fortunate enough to secure, had come down to meet us at the railroad station, and was as muddy and cumbersome as usual.
There was the tight-clenched old bureau, receding atop like a bad and secret forehead; there was the cumbersome old table with twisted legs, at the bed-side; and there was the box upon it, in which the will had lain.
The content management system is also dated and cumbersome.
But they also said the event was too cumbersome and too vague.
Patients/residents are becoming heavier and more cumbersome to handle than before.
Most of the nation's major medical-research organizations had countered that the cumbersome accounting provisions of the act would have drowned the researchers in costly paperwork--without improving the care now afforded those animals.
HCFA's next administrator will be faced with streamlining its cumbersome bureaucracy.
The current situation exposes our efforts to be cumbersome in some instances, heroic in other instances.
Judge Cohen, who had been questioned by both Roth and Moynihan at her confirmation hearings last October, said the provision was cumbersome and raised more questions than it answered.