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In addition, it is often wise to replace people before they start to deteriorate rather than waiting until the time that performance levels start to dip, at which point there could be extensive loss in productivity and morale, until some cumbrous procedure is put in place to resolve the dispute on some individuated grounds.
It was too late when the loose and fabricated traditions had been indiscriminately mixed up with genuine traditions, that the private and individual zeal began to sift the mass of cumbrous traditions.
raise from cumbrous ground My soul in rapture drown'd, That fearless it may soar on wings of fire; For Thou, who only knowst, Thou only canst inspire.
direct bureaucratic planning by the government is a very cumbrous and inefficient method of rationing scarce resources and coordinating the plans of different sectors of the economy.
What is lacking is logic; what is present is cumbrous phraseology and loose language.
Speaking, he claimed, as one with intimate knowledge of the region, he observed that the "people were not prepared for, and did not want so cumbrous and intricate a system of Government, and it was absurd to impose it upon them.
El reporte preparado por ese Comite acentuaba el hecho de que Latinoamerica ya se habia convertido casi en su totalidad al sistema metrico y preguntaba: "Why should the United States alone of all the republics of the Western Continent persist in its adherence to a cumbrous and antiquated system, if it may be called a system, of weights and measures, and thus let much of the commerce of its sister republics which it should attract and enjoy drift to the metric-using nations of Europe?
32) At various points Strachey's phrasing hangs as a ghostly presence behind that of Keynes, as in the former's evocation of Gladstone's intransigence: 'the slippery old man perpetually eluded the cumbrous grasp of his antagonist.
The great object of the poet is to get rid of the cumbrous & the emptily quaint, & buckle down to the plain, the direct, & the vital--the pure, precious stuff of actual life & human daily speech.
If the "difficulty" of Goldsmith's Day secures its modernist stripes, its hyperbolic performance of length makes it at once cumbrous (it weighs three pounds) and strangely weightless.
Had the Pope not been resigning, it is likely that the cumbrous and slow-moving Vatican would not have moved against O'Brien for months.