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What emerged from this study is the complex debate that arises from a small-scale effort to cumulate the ideas and aspirations of a small number of presumed like-minded individuals.
Most of the gabbro samples have very low values of total alkali and SiO2 may be due to their cumulate nature or it could be due to alteration.
Processes that may have been significant during crystallization of plagioclase-phyric magma in the Hosenbein pluton include (in approximate order of increasing magma viscosity) (1) convective flow, (2) crystal settling and/or flotation, (3) development of cumulate crystal frameworks, (4) porous flow of intercumulus melt, (5) compaction, and (6) synplutonic deformation.
1998), in one year, to cumulate 200[degrees]C d was predicted to require 24 d using DTU calculations and 21 d using HTU.
13) Cox (1994) investigates strategic voting equilibria in single nontransferable vote (SNTV) systems, which resemble cumulative voting systems, but voters must cumulate all their votes on a single candidate.
98-573), Congress required that the ITC cumulate whenever like products from multiple countries were subject to investigation.
Sulphide distribution is commonly related to specific cumulate ultramafic units.
Sponsored by Lloyds TSB Corporate, the competition will cumulate in a gala presentation dinner on Thursday, November 10, held at the NEC's Inspire Suite.
some of these events cumulate with fireworks displays.
Finally, the analysis model should seek to quantify the cumulate effect on St.