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The figure shows cumulated real returns for the strategy together with cumulated real returns for the IRF-M 1 index and for Ibovespa.
Structures for the promotion of peace and security in Africa's post-colonial states, which have in turn been cumulated into regional security frameworks, are overwhelmingly state-led and state-focused.
Gulf joint ventures constitute about 7.1 % of the total joint industrial projects, and the cumulated Gulf capital invested in the Gulf joint projects is estimated at 13.2 % of the total invested funds in industrial projects.
Had Sir Albert dealt with these upon taking office then the City would already be making massive savings now, which, when cumulated themselves, into the future would shut the Jaws of Doom, and with a resounding snap.
Tensions between residents and the Brigade cumulated in a deadly clash at the beginning of the month that left four soldiers and three residents dead when gunfire was exchanged.
Three liquid helium plants, working in parallel, will provide a total average cooling capacity of 75 kW at 4.5 K and a maximum cumulated liquefaction rate of 12,300 litres/hour.
Figure A1 shows that the initial distribution of cumulated capital supply is given by the continuous line K[S.sub.0] (line 0-[N.sub.0]-a-b-v): the relative capital endowment of the South is given by the continuous line at the level of [N.sub.0] (line [N.sub.0]-a), and the remainder--the relative capital endowment of the North- is given by the continuous line at the level of [N.sub.0.sup.*] (line b-v).
The ECB said that the seasonally adjusted 12-month cumulated current account recorded a surplus of 84.3 billion euros in October 2012, which is equivalent to around 0.9 percent of gross domestic product.
NNA - Beirut lawmaker Tammam Salam said in a statement on Tuesday that it is about time for the current government to take a bold position to end what he termed as "the continuous masquerade." "This crisis is the result of a cumulated faltering political performance of which the current government is majorly responsible," he said.
In the first three quarters the former rose to US$33.36 billion and the latter grew to US$11.9 billion; however, the net outflow of financial account totaled US$19.68 billion, with cumulated total of US$60.7 billion in the last nine quarters.