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Structures for the promotion of peace and security in Africa's post-colonial states, which have in turn been cumulated into regional security frameworks, are overwhelmingly state-led and state-focused.
The total cumulated investments in the Gulf joint companies were worth about 23 billion USD in 2013, not more than 13.
Had Sir Albert dealt with these upon taking office then the City would already be making massive savings now, which, when cumulated themselves, into the future would shut the Jaws of Doom, and with a resounding snap.
The company stated that the contract is worth more than EUR1bn in cumulated revenues.
Banks seems to perceive as adequate the cumulated net tightening with respect to the current economic conditions.
Information about individual performance is aggregated across pupil populations at the classroom (and teacher), school, district, state, and national levels and cumulated over time.
Given authorized shares to repurchase, we expect the higher cumulated execution rate firms--defined as firms repurchasing a larger cumulative shares relative to the total outstanding shares--will register higher CARs when compared with the lower cumulated execution rate firms repurchasing a smaller percentage of outstanding shares.
It was the largest cumulated TV audience in the history of the Paralympic Games, the IPC said.
The solution that we proposed in this paper has the advantage of making a CAD correction of the pieces surfaces, function of the machine tool cumulated errors.
Relative cumulated AE energy data were obtained by relating the stepwise cumulated mean AE energy values/10 minutes to the sum of all mean AE energy values/10 minutes.
The team also created a three-tiered ergonomic stress rating based on all the different jobs the workers had ever performed, cumulated over their employment history.