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The enhancement effect of high-order cumulates is evaluated by using the target's average grayscale value (AGV) and the image's local signal-to-noise ratio (LSNR).
The main parameters of high-order cumulates include radius r of the cumulative window and length M of the cumulative frame.
In order to verify the enhancement effect of high-order cumulates, a simulation experiment is done on an image frame whose SNR is 1.05.
In order to improve the detection and recognition ability of small targets in images, this paper first uses the improved anisotropy to predict the background and then adopts the improved high-order cumulates to enhance the target, and finally, on the basis of image background suppression and target enhancement, this paper proposes a new motion feature of local energy center of sequential image as a multiframe motion correlation detection algorithm.
The mafic cumulate include olivine gabbro, norite, gabbro-norite, and hornblende gabbro.
Most of the gabbro samples have very low values of total alkali and SiO2 may be due to their cumulate nature or it could be due to alteration.
The very low Na2O + K2O contents can be explained by the cumulate nature of the rocks.
The slightly more pervasive foliation developed ~1/4 of the way up the Main Zone may have resulted from the optimum combination of(l) maximum mass of overlying cumulates (to trigger compaction) with (2) thermal insulation from country rock (which delays solidification so as to allow for compaction to occur).
Autoliths of low-density roof cumulates hosted in high-density floor cumulates may have been transported downwards by convective flow (e.g., Irvine et al.
However, the significant abundance of plagioclase cumulates in the Marginal Zone (~73 vol%) suggests that the development of cumulus frameworks was inevitable and would have eventually connected frameworks in the Main Zone to the walls of the pluton.