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This study revealed that cumulating the aspirations of groups of individuals in society into a commonly agreed set of priorities is fraught with all sorts of dangers and are conflict-laden particularly in the absence of the moderating or mediating influence of institutions--which is often the case in many parts of Africa.
One example is Merrill (1981), who found that, in multimember elections, cumulating for one candidate is an undominated strategy.
Given the uncertainty surrounding the legal status of cumulating imports, it may be that the ITC commissioners chose to cumulate only when it was clear that doing so would not affect the ultimate outcome, and therefore would not be the basis for a Court of International Trade reversal.
The cumulating current disc contains The Economist from January 1991 and is updated quarterly in January, April, July, and October.
These exchange rate movements occurred in a context of cumulating evidence that several major industrialized countries were experiencing less growth than had been expected at the start of the year.
Despite their efforts at uniting African-Americans through strength and pride, the Black Power Movement was set back by the assassination of King, the Vietnam War and other political unrests of the time, eventually cumulating in its collapse.
Updating will be quarterly on a single cumulating disc.