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MindBranch, a market-research services company, cites a figure by Nielson/Net Ratings, which estimates that the Internet grows by some 85 million users each year, cumulating to about 475 million users by the end of 2001 and more than 700 million users by 2004.
George decides to invite the screenwriter to air his reasons each night during ratings week, cumulating - it is hoped - with an on-air suicide.
Given the uncertainty surrounding the legal status of cumulating imports, it may be that the ITC commissioners chose to cumulate only when it was clear that doing so would not affect the ultimate outcome, and therefore would not be the basis for a Court of International Trade reversal.
These exchange rate movements occurred in a context of cumulating evidence that several major industrialized countries were experiencing less growth than had been expected at the start of the year.
since 1994 in finance and operations roles of increasing responsibility, cumulating as Sales Force Controller in 1996.
Since then, it has been subject to huge debate and consultation, cumulating in a first reading in the House of Commons yesterday.