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The option of the new Criminal Code is to simplify the sanctioning treatment and chose the arithmetic cumulation in the case of post-conviction recidivism, respectively the legal increasing of special punishment limits by half in the case of post-execution recurring offence.
1 The cumulation of augmentative -one and diminutive -ino (but also -etto, and -ello) creates extra complications (Dressler and Merlini Barbaresi 2010).
So an additive mass cumulation of boehmite nanoparticles over the thickness of the sample is observed.
The first annual cumulation of Music Index, covering 1949, provided "complete indexing" of eighty journals and magazines in five languages.
To maximize the benefits of Euro-Med, Morocco in 2001 joined Egypt, Jordan, and Tunisia in initiating the Agadir process - the four states signing in 2004 a collateral free-trade accord (the Agadir Agreement) for harmonization of customs procedures to create a critical mass of South-South trade and benefit from cumulation of imported inputs to gain access to the EU market.
Trappings" is the cumulation of a project that included some six years of interviews and conversations with more than five hundred women and girls (ranging in age from four to ninety-two) about what they wore and why.
4] Michael Brecher, "International Studies in the Twentieth Century and Beyond: Flawed Dichotomies, Synthesis, Cumulation," International Studies Quarterly 43 (1999): 213-264; Mark A.
Moreover, regarding ThyssenKrupp Acciai Speciali Terni, the Commission also has doubts about the cumulation of the aid under investigation with incompatible aid that the company has previously received and not yet repaid.
I think (it was) a cumulation of extreme tiredness and fatigue .
Another change USTR offered to the House Republicans from textile districts was to delay the implementation of CAFTA's cumulation provisions pending a new customs agreement with Mexico.
But over a 22-match season if you end up bottom it's not the odd decision that has gone against you, the odd slip here or there, it's a cumulation of performances.
This refers to its application of Sections 752(a)(1) and (5) of the Tariff Act in its findings as the probable volume, price and impact of dumped imports, as well as its use of cumulation.