cumulative effect

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However, because the research did not address the cumulative effect of water variations, if a green sand system is not rapidly replaced, the cumulative effect of water additions, could, over time, have an effect on your sand system.
However, these regulators must also address the cumulative effect of all the footprints that have been allowed.
However, there is little question that wireless devices are proliferating wildly, and, to date, there have been only a few studies on the cumulative effects on people of a large number of radiation-emitting devices used in enclosed spaces.
EPS for discontinued operations, extraordinary items and the cumulative effect of an accounting change must be disclosed in the income statement or in the notes to the financial statements.
Additionally, it is well documented that the stock market does not penalize share price for a one-time earnings decrement as a result of a cumulative effect accounting change.
The new US Airways Group Inc (NYSE: LCC) has reported a first quarter 2006 profit before the cumulative effect of a change in accounting principle of USD64m.
The energy of multiple pulses from different devices stepping on one another, were they to occur in the same instant in time, can have a cumulative effect and potentially bring their cumulative energy out of the noise floor.
The cumulative effect usually is disclosed on the face of the income statement in the year of the change.

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