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cunctator is a widespread species in dry and open habitats in East Africa.
If the army retreats into a city; then the enemy will besiege it, and before long the Cunctator and his forces will be "reduced by the pangs of hunger to surrender.
With Doge Gritti guiding military action, the Republic had a Cunctator in charge for life, a dictator who never left office.
13) In contrast, however, to Pliny's pair of arresting comparatives, Ammianus employs a simple noun and an adjective in the positive degree: cunctator et cautus.
9 (`cautior tamen quam promptior hic habitus; et sicut dubites utrum ingenio cunctator fuerit.
17) It cannot therefore be assumed that Ammianus is indebted to Pliny's Letters for the collocation cunctator et cautus.
Seager, `Ut dux cunctator et tutus: the caution of Valentinian (Ammianus 27.