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There is a cunning, which we in England call, the turning of the cat in the pan; which is, when that which a man says to another, he lays it as if another had said it to him.
It is a good point of cunning, for a man to shape the answer he would have, in his own words and propositions; for it makes the other party stick the less.
But these small wares, and petty points, of cunning, are infinite; and it were a good deed to make a list of them; for that nothing doth more hurt in a state, than that cunning men pass for wise.
With the advantage of possessing this important intelligence, the chief warily laid his plans before his fellows, and, as might have been anticipated from his eloquence and cunning, they were adopted without a dissenting voice.
Magua had now attained one great object of all his cunning and enterprise.
He saw the avidity with which Numa devoured the carcass; he noted with growing admiration the finer points of the beast, and also the cunning construction of the trap.
Should necessity require, Tarzan could face Numa in battle, although he was not so egotistical as to think that he could best a full-grown lion in mortal combat other than through accident or the utilization of the cunning of his superior man-mind.
They did not essay to enter the apartment, but scanned its every corner from where they stood, and then, when their eyes had sought its entire area, a look of fierce rage overspread the features of Matai Shang, and a cold and cunning smile touched the lips of Phaidor.
Not since the heyday of Blackadder has there been so much talk of cunning plans.
Summary: In Greek mythology, it was prophesied that Zeus' first wife Metis, the goddess of wisdom, would bear a son who, equipped with his mother's cunning and his father's power, would eventually overthrow the king of the gods.
Summary: Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], May 10 (ANI): Pragya Singh Thakur on Friday tore into Congress leader Digvijaya Singh calling him a "cunning" and "inferior" person who had no respect for "another's wife" and somebody "who is half his age".
The cunning vixen is seen stalking the bird as it sits in a stream and gives a cheeky lick of her lips.