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Thanks to political cunningness and open and covert diplomacy, Syria has become needed in the region.
Again, demonstrating his cunningness, he slips undiscovered in an out of the city morgue, gathering body parts to complete his mission.
The problem of Pagan and the triangle of secularism within the SPM is that they feel disappointed and miserable because the NCP is able to overcome their shrewdness and cunningness and even come out stronger" he added.
Sabotage and destroying machinery were other acts of resistance, while concealing intelligence, cunningness, and developing secret communication codes and networks were common liberatory practices on most plantations.
These attributes were usually cunningness, slyness and craftiness.
But the thing that's sometimes missed is your cunningness.
You have many things going for you Gemini, youthful looks, chatty and bright personality but one thing that's sometimes overlooked is your cunningness.