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4) In the opinion of NA students, typical modus operandi of pirates is characterized by: cunningness, greed, deceit, ruthlessness, taking care of their own interests, feeding on foreigners, attacking by surprise, achievement of the objectives regardless of the circumstances, dangerousness.
People misunderstand Scotland if they think that the Highlands had a monopoly of lawlessness; the Highlanders could teach the Borderers nothing when it came to fierceness and cunningness.
My experience suggests that when a woman rekindles an awareness of the quality of metis, when she reconnects with her own powers and her cunningness, she must first bear the full brunt of her traumas, the full impact of her disembodied life.
Other negative national traits, like innate aggression and cunningness are still a common feature of the images of the Japanese in Russian students' imaginations.
Pakistan reared the Taliban and other terrorist groups in the hope that they would do their bidding all the time, forgetting the old story of a lion that came to live at the feet of a cat to learn all the tricks and cunningness from it.
Cunningness, adaptability and knowledge of the terrain are themes which appear in books usually not written by priests; and when Gracian encourages his readers to consider the management of information (and misinformation) in conflictual situations, we hear an echo of two masterpieces of Byzantine military strategy: Leo VI's Tactica and of Maurice's Strategikon.
But with cunningness they have scuttled even the one Musharraf had introduced on the obscene plea that it was a dictator\'s work.
The minister has presented the committee with false, incorrect and wrong information which reflects cunningness, deceit and manipulation," he said.
It may be noted that the dice game of life and death is compared with dice gambling, portrayed as a "pastime" and that a warning is made for the deceit, mischief and cunningness that such gambling may involve.
By the late nineteenth century, Roma people from Romania were described as "a people set apart from the world, really gentle and romantic," whose "moral features consist of an odd mixture of arrogance and meanness, seriousness and frivolity, with an almost total lack of power of law and wisdom, accompanied by a candid cunningness and slyness, the regular companions of ignorance.
Owing to the regime's cunningness, the revolution was transformed into a quasi-civil war.
REGARDED AS a symbol of luck, prosperity and cunningness, the snake is one of the most attractive signs of the Chinese Zodiac.