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You, the leveler, the lonely one, bevel in hand, too used to life with animals kept indoors here, and the putrid smells of their droppings confuse even bread makers, who measure yeast by the cupful.
To start them on the milk I like to give them one cupful the first day.
give your and telephone Letters and are editor's Although I cannot guarantee them seeing these turbines providing any power - I can guarantee they will not cause any power station to reduce the amount of fossil fuel it burns by as much as a cupful.
Other ingredients include a cupful of walnuts, and breadcrumbs in place of flour.
Admittedly, neither of the two widows actually gave very much monetarily speaking a small cupful of water, a little cake made of flour and oil, two small copper coins worth about a cent.
2 : the contents of a small drinking container : cupful <I drank a cup of tea.
One cupful will allow the user to experience a relaxing, spa-worthy bath.
In return, Starbucks gets a presenting credit and will take a cupful of B.
Poor memory: Research suggests that eating just half a cupful of blueberries on a regular basis could delay deterioration of co-ordination and short-term memory with age.