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Put it into a bowl with a breakfast cupful of milk - let it soak all night.
In her final year at school, Noeleen's lunch could be as insubstantial as a cupful of cucumber.
True decadence - a cupful of Spells and your humble tub becomes a rich, dark and velvety pleasure-fest (really).
Officials launched a probe into how the woman managed to get past staff and gulp down a cupful of the heroin- substitute methadone.
But, instead of trying a sip of sherry or something, they'll take it by the cupful, and alcohol is very toxic.
If you are sowing brassicas, add a cupful of lime to every square metre of soil and rake well in.
The successful harvest of local oysters begins with just a cupful of spat -- nearly invisible, microscopic oyster larvae produced by a unique and invaluable hatchery in Dennis, one of only a dozen in the entire country.
Bronwen Cruickshank said: "I remember that in the 1940s/50s I and my younger brother were dosed with an egg cupful of this if we ever had a sore throat or a cold.
Once your pasta is cooked, drain it, reserving a cupful of the cooking water (you might need this to thin your crab sauce down).
Take a cupful of paper pulp and spread it over the mesh.
At lunch it is about 100ml of fresh orange juice plus a cupful (about 300ml) of liquefied soup - prepared by "stick blender" and high in pulses (peas and beans - usually half a tin of Heinz varieties), followed by creme caramel or similar.