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The cupidity or cruelty or stupidity of those within the Church has yet to destroy this faith, however precarious its situation.
I get so sick of the everlasting appeals to the cupidity and prejudice of every group which characterize our political campaigns," Stevenson said.
Orual's initial quest for justice, therefore, is perverted by cupidity, a problem that Scarry dismisses as a mere flaw in the golden bowl: "Again beauty is sometimes disparaged because it gives rise to material cupidity and possessiveness; but here, too, we may come to feel we are simply encountering an imperfect instance of an otherwise positive outcome [wishing beauty to stay in our field of vision]" (7).
If there are unwritten messages within Radical Hollywood, one might be that artistic vanity and general cupidity are neither exclusive nor native to a particular political persuasion, nor even the movie industry itself.
Remarking on the League's fire sale of 300 football matches to Rupert Murdoch, Cox commented: ``Of course, this deal may be seen in some quarters as the stupidity of the broadcasters being perfectly matched by your own cupidity.
Chapter 5 is a transitional chapter on "secularizing avarice and cupidity.
In Surtees's words, "they might be called a three percent sort of people in contradistinction to the raving capacity of modern cupidity.
25] Portraying Rinaldo as simultaneously idolatrous and emasculated, Jerusalem Delivered draws on the traditional association, found in Ariosto and Dante, between verbal idolatry -- an overly literal reading understood as the enjoyment of signs that should be used -- and cupidity, imagined as an effeminating sexual excess.
Schenk delivers vitriolic attacks on the cupidity of television, the questionable ethics of the Korean War and the Cold War, the immorality of most political endeavors, the inanity of the media, our all-pervading homophobia, and the materialism of the society at large.
So given the unrestrained cupidity of media conglomerates these days, it's not entirely implausible.
We here in Canada are the victims of cupidity on the part of Novalis.