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We are steadfast in our march towards the fulfilment of the aspirations of the Yemeni people, and we shall remain faithful to our position until those who took up arms lay them down; those who overthrew the legitimate government abandon their cupidity and put an end to the occupation of State institutions, and those who broke the covenant return to their senses.
He then reports having taken pleasure in the idea of men taking a vow of ignorance, as one might take a vow of chastity or piety: "It is also castrating our disorderly appetites (nos appetits desordonnez), to blunt that cupidity that pricks us on to the study of books, and to deprive the soul of that voluptuous complacency (complaisance voluptueuse) which tickles us with the notion of being learned (par Vopinion de science).
Abu Faour underlined that the conference shed light on the human moral conscience, highlighting the necessity to privilege science, the humanitarian sense, and cupidity.
For more than a few of them,"public service" is a fig leaf over private cupidity.
Proclaiming morality while practicing cupidity, states have tried to hit the sweet spot of cigarette taxes -- high enough to maximize revenue without excessively discouraging smoking.
45PM After the rank cupidity of Valentine's Day, a Big Apple hangover.
Thus "Who Am I" clearly demonstrates how dancehall's slackness style can privilege men and devalue women, but it also positions the latter as disturbingly powerful in their cupidity, and when he asks, "You ever buck ah gal whey deep like ah bucket / Draw fi yuh needle but yuh needle cyan stitch it," their insatiable sexuality.
Its origin is greed and cupidity in the heart of the usurer, an insatiable desire of wealth for] its own sake which leads to serious violations of the love which every Christian owes his neighbor.
Manifestations of impiety, such as greed and cupidity leading to destruction of the environment, issue from a person's inner being by their own free will and inevitably have negative effects on the soul.
Jimmy Hoffa knew all about the cupidity of man and once famously told a reporter: "Every man has his price.
Ranging from meanness, deception, and cupidity to covetousness, gluttony, and schadenfreude, their psychological profile offers a catalogue of vices that is a comprehensive reversal of the conservative ideal.
The president went so far as to define a communism of combined wealth and capital that was "the outgrowth of overweening cupidity and selfishness, which insidiously undermines the justice and integrity of free institutions" (qtd.