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a couple of fine companions: pray, where's the cup you stole
There they all landed, and went into the castle, and each prince danced with his princess; and the soldier, who was all the time invisible, danced with them too; and when any of the princesses had a cup of wine set by her, he drank it all up, so that when she put the cup to her mouth it was empty.
drink three cups of wine, the "Golden Valley" being the name of a garden, the owner of which enforced this penalty among his boon companions (`Gems of Chinese Literature', p.
Then I examined the coffee cups, and I knew enough chemistry to find poison in the dregs of one of them.
With infinite care, he took a drop or two from the grounds in each cup, sealing them up in separate test tubes, tasting each in turn as he did so.
She had just tasted her first cup, when she was disturbed by a soft tap at the room-door.
I fill my cup to Cedric himself, since he refuses to pledge his son's health.
The cup itself appealed to me no more than it had done before.
I've got a capital little cup among my traps, and I'll give it to you to drink your milk in, as it is made of wood that is supposed to improve whatever is put into it something like a quassia cup.
He presented the cup to Hester, who received it with a slow, earnest look into his face; not precisely a look of fear, yet full of doubt and questioning as to what his purposes might be.
Now they drew up a golden cup, fit for the King of Spain to drink his wine out of.
And he himself brought her the golden-brown bouillon, in a dainty Sevres cup, with a flaky cracker or two on the saucer.