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43) * Multiple responses Table 5: Knowledge regarding health care on H1N1 Curability Urban Rural Total (n=200) (n=200) (n=400) n (%) n (%) n (%) Yes 173 (86.
Furthermore, a significant difference by generational status on the curability factor was also found [F (2, 145) = 3.
Each story contained these four pieces of information in the following order: (a) the patient's age (35, 60, or 85 years), (b) the level of curability of the illness (i.
Concerns relating to curability and reoccurrence of leprosy were evident in patients who had hard-to-treat leprosy reactions or had not been adequately treated for leprosy on initial diagnosis.
A self-administered structured questionnaire was the tool used for the study; the contained sections were bio social variables, history of previous pregnancies, deliveries and recurrent spontaneous abortions, the followings were the knowledge assessment questions: sickle cell disease diagnosis before birth, causative organism, infectivity, transmission, and manifestation of disease, curability, benefit of early diagnosis, morbidity and mortality of pregnant sickle cell patient.
He further said that Childhood cancers generally differ from adult cancers regarding their potential for curability.
Detection of life-threatening prostate cancer with prostate-specific antigen velocity during a window of curability," Journal of the National Cancer Institute, vol.
16 -- Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre organised "The Pink Ribbon Meet" with an aim to raise awareness about curability and preventive measures in successfully combating breast cancer.
Electra Optic offers several grades of flexible dies of unsurpassed quality and consistency to address the curability and longevity requirements of the average label to high demanding film label stock.
But more than the treatment, we should concentrate on its detection because this is what governs the fate of the treatment and curability rate.
However, the therapy is being ignored and postponed--even though Heracles assures Philoctetes the curability of his disease.