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First of all, psychological attributions regarding the causes of diabetes related positively with the curability factor.
Extracting from this narrative a certainty of curability, Canterel, an enemy in such cases of the slightest opposition, resolved, on the contrary, to comply slavishly with the most extravagant desires of the patient.
including information on curability rates, self-examination, and symptoms); using publicity campaigns that included relevant role models; and education programs in schools.
Additional evidence for the curability of saharsubbu may be found in a so-called "medical text" that may originate from Emar.
Abou el Atta, "The Doctrine of Curability in Roman Alexandria," 537-46; Y.
formula was simple and she repeated it everywhere: first assert the curability of insanity, link it directly to proper institutional care and then quote prevailing medical opinion on rates of recoveries.
3) Eight items on demographic and socio-economic data and three items on illness perceptions: 1) subjective severity of illness, 2) curability, and 3) fears about the consequences of having hypertension.
Lance Armstrong's acronym for cancer * Courage Attitude Never give up Curability Enlightenment Remembrance of fellow patients * From reference 133.
It would be good, however, to remember that many in the psychiatric community debated the curability of pedophilia well into the last decade.
14) In a large series, an abnormal ratio was 92% predictive of curability with revascularization; however, 65% of patients with non-lateralizing renin ratios also had curable disease.
The present study investigates the possibility that beliefs about the curability of HIV may have actual behavioural implications among seropositive MSM, promoting higher levels of unprotected sexual behaviour.