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In human medicine, curare emerged as a new anesthetic tool in the 1940s, although its horrific risks were known early on.
After rejection for war-time service because of asthma, he became a full-time anaesthetist in Liverpool, working closely with Dr John Halton on the refinement of curare, already used in a less advanced form in Canada.
Et similiter voluit ipsis suis executoribus spetiare [sic] dare dictos libros dicte librerie et curare quod predicta prius executioni mandentur et quod ex dictis libris extrahantur que extrahere debeant pro ignie comburendo.
curare and quinine), and agrochemicals in environments such as the rainforest (Prance 1998).
Huisman, "Trans-Cultural Medicine," Curare 15 (1998): 21-34.
Discriminitive classical conditioning in dogs paralyzed by curare can later control discriminitive avoidance response in the normal state.
Moreover, in Isaiah 47:2, tsammah becomes "crines," the favoured version in the other romanceamientos under the influence of Jewish commentators ("Toma la muela e muele farina e descubre tus crines, escubre los touillos, arregaca las piernas, passa los rios, parescera la tu verguenca e vista sera el tu blasphemio, que venganca yo tomare, non curare de omne").
curare, muscle relaxant (notably used in surgery) from Chondrodendron sp.
Soto is unaware of the change in rooms and orders his friend Thorny to proceed with an injection of curare.
consider the Ancient Mariner without curare, lasso, bulbocapnine or straightjacket, albeit able to capture and hold a live audience.
The episode of Peri's deliberate surrender to the Aimore cacique, in the hope that when they execute and then eat him he will succeed in poisoning the whole tribe with the curare he will ingest before his execution, and the visit of the cacique's daughter to console him with sex beforehand, is altered in the opera so that Cecilia is captured by the Aimore and Pery comes to free her but is himself inadvertently captured.
Along the way they noted how Amazonians used curare as poison, how they tapped an amazing latex from rubber trees, and how they stunned fish by sprinkling a plant-based powder on a stream's surface, as well as other ethnographic details.