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CURATE, eccl. law. One who represents the incumbent of a church, person, or20 vicar, and takes care of the church, and performs divine service in his stead.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The rising demand only goes to show that people do crave the curated lifestyle.
Glasgow to Edinburgh - curated by Arthur Boutillier, Sub-principal Cello
The Forever 21 X Grazia curated collection houses a variety of looks perfect for any occasion such Island Blues, Flower Power, Not So Basic, That 70s Show, Go Graphic, High Utility, Sundowner Chic, Holiday Hangover, Costal Gal, The Hero Tee, Sporty Chic, Shore Front and Hybrid Play.
If you're not quite ready for brand-new flooring, catch on to the trend with Curated Home's Terrazzo collection.
Snap also told TechCrunch that someone at the company will moderate the curated posts just in case something horrible is selected.
CAREFULLY CURATED : Collect these light cerulean pots, pans, and mason jars
CVS Pharmacy's focus on health and beauty is at the core of Korean beauty ideals, and the products specially curated for the K-Beauty HQ will delight and deliver results at a great price."
The first edition of the Desert Flower short film festival will be held on September 9 in Dubai, featuring five UAE-made short films curated by award-winning filmmaker and writer Sucheta Phule.
The lecture questions numerous aspects such as the relation between curating an exhibition and collecting, whether or not a curatorial proposal constitutes in a way an ephemeral collection of private and public character does and vice versa and also whether or not a collection of artworks or books equal a unique and curated group of objects.
Litmus said that Curated helps subject matter experts collect, curate, and publish highly engaging newsletters.
Los Angeles, CA, February 18, 2016 --( Leading Australian content and inbound marketing agency, Curated Content has officially opened the doors to its Los Angeles office.