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Curative employees, including the founder and chief executive officer, Jason Sun, will continue as employees of the combined ResMed and Curative team.
For far too long, the decision to elect hospice has been tantamount to 'giving up' as a patient must decide to forgo what is often thought of as ongoing curative care," J.
Raveendran had sought response from the accused on the curative petition, which wanted a reconsideration of the 1996 judgment that had diluted charges against former Union Carbide India Chairman Keshub Mahindra and six others.
This technique uses a flow-system for chemical reactions, instead of reaction vessels (flasks), and this new tool is expected to greatly cut the lead-time from research and development to production in the synthesis of curative intermediates and materials for electronics, which need a fine control of chemical reactions.
In other countries, potentially curative therapy appears to be used at much higher rates: 40% of all hepatocellular carcinoma patients in a series from Barcelona received such therapy as did 30% of all patients aged over 75 years in Italy.
In NHL developing outside the setting of HIV infection, adequate doses of chemotherapy are associated with the curative potential of the regimen, (18) and the study by Ratner et al.
In addition, it may not make remedial or curative amortization allocations to the buyer under the Sec.
Irvin Yalom's book, The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy, presents a list of curative factors that exist in group psychotherapy.
23) Some taxpayers used curative allocations prior to the issuance of the final regulations because they provide an effective means of mitigating or eliminating the distortions caused by the ceiling rule.
There have been many inquiries regarding the inclusion on wine labels of statements which make therapeutic or curative claims, or which otherwise attribute positive effects to the consumption of wine," Jerry Bowerman, head of the BATF's Product Compliance Division, said in a 1990 letter.
Speaking about Yakub's last two weeks in the jail, sources said he didn't share anything with other prison mates but was confident of a favourable outcome, especially after his family told him that eminent lawyers, judges, politicians and journalists were supportive of his curative petition.
Curene urethane curatives include Curene 442 standard MBOCA-type material, Curene 185 for reduced hardness, and Curene 3005 liquid curative for polyester-based prepolymers.