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CURATORSHIP, offices, contracts, in the civil law. The power given by authority of law, to one or more persons, to administer the property of an individual who is unable to take care of his own estate and affairs, either on account of his absence without an authorized agent, or in consequence of his prodigality, or want of mind. Poth. Tr. des Personnes, t. 6, s. 5. As to the laws of Louisiana, which authorize a curatorship, vide Civ. Code, art. 31, 50, et seq. 357, et seq.; 382, 1105, et seq.
     2. Curatorship differs from tutorship, (q.v.) in this, that the latter is instituted for the protection of property in the first place, and, secondly, of the person; while the former is intended to protect, first, the person, and, secondly, the property. 1 Lecons Elem. du Droit Civ. Rom. 241.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Even though a curatorship has been established over the property of
Regarding the rest, the following classification was found: determining stakeholders, curatorship and government; autonomous, operative and technical work team, financial entities and suppliers with regards to the short term analysis.
Cole, 'Comment: an Unlikely Match: on the Curator's Role in the Social Work of the Museum' (2012) 27:3 Museum Management and Curatorship 212.
For editors/network caretakers/facilitators/curators, it is clear that the mediating functions and curatorship are not "neutral" and have a political intentionality that needs commitment to the humanization of the public health system and with a certain ethics of health production as a right and of the SUS as a public good.
In addition, the bank's holding company announced that it will delay the publication of its final results for the financial year ending September 2014, because of accounting and audit complexities following the deconsolidation of its retail furniture subsidiary, subsequent to its business rescue, and African Bank Limited, following its curatorship.
" I am contemplating taking up curatorship as a profession," said the man who has been employed with the CAG for almost 20 years.
the MDC national council on Saturday 26th April 2014 suspended Tsvangirai and his accomplices and placed the party under the curatorship of the Guardian Council.
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Far from being simply about the passive curatorship of art, architecture, and history, Toxey argues that the state-sanctioned effort to preserve the past is a powerful tool for political and social control that generates significant social and economic change.
A High Court Judge has placed the troubled insurance broker, Financial Investment Services (FIS), under provisional curatorship after an application by Namfisa.
Sharjah Cricket Council secretary Mazhar Khan, showering praises on Jamil's commitment to work, said: "Jamil is a pioneer in curatorship in this part of the world.