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CURATORSHIP, offices, contracts, in the civil law. The power given by authority of law, to one or more persons, to administer the property of an individual who is unable to take care of his own estate and affairs, either on account of his absence without an authorized agent, or in consequence of his prodigality, or want of mind. Poth. Tr. des Personnes, t. 6, s. 5. As to the laws of Louisiana, which authorize a curatorship, vide Civ. Code, art. 31, 50, et seq. 357, et seq.; 382, 1105, et seq.
     2. Curatorship differs from tutorship, (q.v.) in this, that the latter is instituted for the protection of property in the first place, and, secondly, of the person; while the former is intended to protect, first, the person, and, secondly, the property. 1 Lecons Elem. du Droit Civ. Rom. 241.

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19] Additional issues that need to be addressed include genetics and other practical and medico-legal decisions such as driving, firearms, power of attorney, financial controls, curatorship and wills, and capacity assessments (discussed above).
Another important element in this approach is the increased significance of curatorship.
A High Court Judge has placed the troubled insurance broker, Financial Investment Services (FIS), under provisional curatorship after an application by Namfisa.
Sharjah Cricket Council secretary Mazhar Khan, showering praises on Jamil's commitment to work, said: "Jamil is a pioneer in curatorship in this part of the world.
Andrew holds two degrees, in English Literature and History of Art, and has worked in museum curatorship and management around the UK.
Thus, while Morgan's earlier buildings like Ming Quong reflect an educated and sensitive curatorship of Asian art and objects, the Chinatown YWCA stands as an expression of Chinese American cultural identity.
The procedures for curatorship and making of a will require an assessment of the clinical presentation of the patient within legal principles and patient rights.
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Under the curatorship of the famed director of photography, Dr.