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PHYSICIAN. One lawfully engaged in the practice of medicine.
     2. A physician in England cannot recover for fees, as his practice is altogether honorary. Peake C. N. P. 96, 123; 4 T. R. 317.
     3. But in Pennsylvania, and perhaps in all the United States, he may recover for his services. 5 Serg. & Rawle, 416. The law implies, therefore, a contract on the part of a medical man, as well as those of other professions, to discharge their duty in a skillful and attentive manner; and the law will redress the party injured by their neglect or ignorance. 1 Saund. 312, R; 1 Ld. Raym. 213; 2 Wils. 359; 8 East, 348.
     4. They are sometimes answerable criminally for mala praxis. (q.v.) 2 Russ. on Cr. 288; Ayl. Pand. 213; Com. Dig. h.t. Vin. Ab. h.t.

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