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HOUSTON -- Curbstone Group (Curbstone), a private money management firm led by a trio of Wall Street veterans, announces the opening of three offices located in Houston, Boston and Tampa.
Securing PCI validation is key to selling our payment server software," said Ira Chandler, founder, Curbstone Corporation.
Dirt Road Home, by Cheryl Savageau (Willimantic, CT: Curbstone Press, 92 pages, $11 paperback) is a collection of poems that members of Congress might like to read -- the author has been a worthy recipient of grants from the National Endowment for the Arts.
of the character - Construction of playgrounds,- Construction / installation of ground equipment, such as bicycle racks and deep container,- Flagging and paving,- Curbstone setting,- Construction of GC-road, less distances,- Plantations (perennials and trees)- Installation and set fence,- Construction of smaller parking areas,- Construction of water facilities type fountain,- Dredging the lake,- Construction of swimming,- Construction of small bridges, bridges and footbridges.
After Postcolonialism: Remapping Philippines-United States Confrontations, Rowan & Littlefield, 2000 -- Smith, William Jay, The Cherokee Lottery, Curbstone Press, 2000 -- Weis, Lois and Fine, Michelle, Editors, Construction Sites: Excavating Race, Class, and Gender Among Urban Youth, Teachers College Press, 2000 -- Williams, Joan, Unbending Gender: Why Family and Work Conflict and What To Do About It, Oxford University Press, 2000
By Ernesto Cardenal Translated by John Lyons Curbstone Press (321 Jackson St.
These brokers became known as the Curbstone brokers and they, and their Curb Market, were the predecessors of today's American Stock Exchange.
The English edition, Tunnel to Canto Grande, is expected within the year from Curbstone Press (321 Jackson St.
THE TIME TREE is part of a series pioneered by the William Joiner Center at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and Curbstone Press to introduce Vietnamese literature to the English-speaking world.
Brigid's, a 130-year-old gray curbstone church in one of the city's affluent neighborhoods where parishioners include old-money families of Irish and Italian heritage, as well as middle-class white, Hispanic, Asian and a few African-American families.
For more on her work in English, visit the Curbstone Press Web site (www.
Walking home from school in the afternoons I'd stop and sit by the Serpentine and rub my fingers on the curbstone.