cure for all ills

See: panacea
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David Tredinnick, MP for Bosworth, reckons the cure for all ills is written in the stars, so rely on your local soothsayer rather than a surgeon when things go wrong.
Viva Mayr doesn't offer a magic, fix-all cure for all ills, but it most certainly helps take a step in the right direction.
CONGRESS president Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday hit out at BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi, saying he was being projected as "a magician with cure for all ills plaguing the country".
Wednesday wasn't the cure for all ills, but it was something.
After that, someone would come forward to outbid the vow made by the King, out of their belief that the phase is something of the past and that buying time is the cure for all ills.
If that's supposed to be the cure for all ills then we might as well pack up and go home.
Masters often prescribed the lash as the cure for all ills, presuming them to be nothing more than thinly disguised attempts to avoid work.
They believed that if they learned how to do it, they could find a cure for all ills.
While extra cash is welcome, it is not a cure for all ills.
AMBULANCE chiefs today praised families for not dialling 999 to find a cure for all ills over the festive period.
In times when fears of yob rule run high, there is a tendency to feel anti-social behaviour orders are a cure for all ills.