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First the `green revolution', and now the `gene revolution', is promoted as the cure-alls for world hunger.
Remember: Computers can only assist; they aren't cure-alls.
He does not believe either balanced budgets or deficits are cure-alls, although in the current debate his thinking would incline him most against those who urge a balanced budget amendment.
We have experienced the side effects of Thalidomide, x-rays during pregnancy, silicone breast implants, routine hysterectomies and many other promised medical cure-alls.
As committed professionals, we must educate the public concerning the consequences of selecting shortsighted options or alternatives that are touted as cure-alls when it comes to some of the very complex issues surrounding custody and care for the mentally ill inmate.
Advanced information technologies are obviously not the cure-all for America's educational problems, any more than chalk and the blackboard were cure-alls when they were invented.
It highlighted hundreds of products that the quacks promised would cure just about every malady known to man, from arthritis to Alzheimer's, with an infinite variety of cure-alls.
Nutritional supplements containing enzymes are often touted as cure-alls, but they're a waste of money.
They traveled the length and breadth of the land, huckstering cure-alls for every conceivable disease known and unknown.
Cold remedies, which make up about 60% of the total cold/ nasal/cough remedy category, have in many cases become multi-purpose cure-alls.
Clearly, there was sound common sense behind many of these old fashioned sayings and cure-alls.
Trapping, selling or exporting geckos, regarded by some Asians as cure-alls, is punishable by hefty fines and jail terms of up to four years, Environment Secretary Ramon Paje warned in a statement.