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They recently published a slightly off-beat book which is developing something of a cult following - Adventures of a Bacon Curer, written by Maynard Davies and on sale at pounds 9.99.
In reality, many of the curers were able to practice their profession for years without interference.
My own support for the kipper led me inexorably to Peel, where Peter Canipa runs Geo, Devereau's kipper curers, where he assures me it is not unusual for him to eat 12 kippers a day.
Pouring over seventeenth and eighteenth-century newspapers, legal documents, diaries, and letters, Dexter uncovered women engaged in almost every conceivable artisanal or entrepreneurial occupation: tobacconists, innkeepers, fish curers, printers, eyeglass dealers, even blacksmiths and coppersmiths.
Rhonda's loving parents, whom she periodically calls from the road, are an overbearing mother (Angela Pietropinto), always with curers in her hair, and her silent, Weather Channel-addicted hubby (Freddie Roman); gag is funny the first time around but is repeated too many times.
It begins in the fifth century B.C., which saw the arrival in Greece of a slew of "beggar priests" (as Plato called them) from the Middle East, wandering curers who carried with them hitherto unknown Assyrian and Babylonian techniques for "binding" one's enemies.
They contribute to our knowledge of how sick people and their curers reacted to illness, how they explained and described it, and how they dealt with it.
He gained his greated recognition as a champion of water curers for the rich and public showers for the poor - both of which gained popularity by the turn of the century, only to become quickly outmoded.
Different colors c an be used to identify curers for multi-axis programs.
Many tribes no longer have native curers (also known as "medicine men").
The fishermen and fish curers of New England and Nova Scotia played an important part in England's conquest of Canada, for to them the fishing rights meant life or death.