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We have seen it many times with the Portuguese, from his face-flicking antics in El Clasico to the 48-hour growth and curled lip when he is in a particularly sneering mood.
CNN's Christiane Amanpour who's been interviewing various Egyptian officials, including the presidential spokesman and the Egyptian ambassador to the United Nations, with a disapproving curled lip, has sneered at the idea that Egypt's judiciary is independent; likewise John McCain who uses the 'coup' word like confetti.
He might as well have addressed a stone; the heroic Koord surveyed the king with a curled lip, the only sound issuing therefrom being an indistinct cry of "dogs".
That sneering curled lip. Is that Billy Idol staring up at us from Ian's record collection as he plans his first dance as a newlywed?
He is their rebel with a cause, their James Dean, all turned-up collar and curled lip.
"And a dog that stands stiff-legged, tall with its head up, ears forward, eyes alert and with a curled lip is being aggressive."