currency devaluation

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And just as sales help stores sell more of their products, currency devaluation helps countries sell more exports, boosting the economy.
The demand for imported goods will continue to be weak through the first half of the year as the most recent currency devaluation causes them to lose their cost-competitive edge.
Behravesh, whose team at DRI-WEFA correctly called the Argentinean crisis as well as the Russian government debt default and currency devaluation, believes that there are particular risks surrounding the Turkish Lira and the Indonesian Rupiah.
Work on refurbishing London Underground stations has uncovered 80-year-old advertisements showing local houses for sale for pounds 600, a fraction of the cost of homes in the capital today, even allowing for currency devaluation.
Nevertheless, it is still quite vulnerable to changes in economic policies, currency devaluation and regulatory risk.
President Hugo Chavez announced a currency devaluation for the first time since 2005, reports AP (Jan.
Net loss figures for the first quarter of 1996 include a non- operating charge of $504,000 (before income taxes), relating to the December 1995 currency devaluation in Venezuela and the resulting impact on the Company's Venezuelan operations.
Should risks of deteriorating C/A balance, increasing inflation and possible currency devaluation materialize in the near future, the present.
Global Banking News-June 2, 2014--Kazakhstan central bank governor comments on second wave of currency devaluation
The country's currency devaluation sparked a huge sell-off at the opening of the trading day, prompting a drop in U.
The central bank and the finance ministry of Estonia have rejected a proposal for currency devaluation in the country.
Last but not least, given the currency devaluation, our prices have gone down.