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The current edition is known as the Guidelines for Construction and Equipment of Hospital and Medical Facilities.
The current edition of Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine (1987 edition, p.
HONG KONG -- Devastating earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand were among the biggest natural catastrophes, making 2011 a record year for insured losses, according to an article in the current edition of BestWeek Asia-Pacific.
On her impression on the current edition of the book fair, she pointed out that "what distinguishes the exhibition this year is the rich and intense cultural events, which amounts to 780 activities", in addition to hosting important figures such as the renowned American author Dan Brown and Famous Egyptian Actor Adel Imam besides many others.
India has already won three medals- one Silver and two Bronze- in the current edition of the Olympics.
The current edition also has small entries on Nirvana's British debut at The Riverside and The Animals residency at A'GoGo in Percy Street.
Al Kasiri expressed happiness as the volleyball game has been added to the current edition of the Residential Districts Championship.
It is the first prize in a free-to-enter competition in the current edition of the Primary Times magazine, distributed free to all children in the area.
Statistics in the current edition are generally for the most recent year or period available by summer 2007.
The current edition of the RTE Guide carries a poll of the top 100 TV Shows of all time and the Late Late Show comes in at a surprising number 9.
FIGURES in the current edition of the dealers' bible, the Antiques Trade Gazette, show that while total exports of art and antiques from the UK last year were up 25.
Judging is during July and application forms are in housing offices, the current edition of tenant's magazine Home Affairs, on 01384 815168 or by sending an email to participation@dudley.