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Return or profit such as the annual or periodic rents, profits, interest, or income from any type of real or Personal Property, received by an individual, a corporation, or a government.

Public revenues are the sources of income that a government collects and receives into its treasury and appropriates for the payment of its expenses.


noun compensation, dividends, earnings, emolument, gain, hire, income, intake, interest, livelihood, pay, payment, perquisites, proceeds, profit, receipts, reditus, remuneration, return, reward, salary, vectigal, wages, yield
Associated concepts: appropriation law, internal revenue, revenue bills, revenue law, revenue-producing income, revenue tax
See also: boom, capital, duty, earnings, finance, income, money, pay, perquisite, proceeds, profit, prosperity, rent, resource, substance, tax, wage

REVENUE. The income of the government arising from taxation, duties, and the like; and, according to some correct lawyers, under the idea of revenue is also included the proceeds of the sale of stocks, lands, and other property owned by the government. Story, Const. Sec. 877. Vide Money Bills. By revenue is also understood the income of private individuals and corporations.

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Meanwhile, in the UAE and Kuwait growth in capital expenditure has been slower than the rise in current expenditure in the recent years.
The overall expenditure during 2011-12 has been estimated at Rs 2767 billion of which the current expenditure is Rs 2315 billion.
A behavioural asymmetry is observed, whereby the federal current expenditure is inflexible downwards in the face of a decline in resources while provincial current expenditures show a big and rapid response to larger transfers.
As an austerity measure, all budgeted non-salary current expenditure would be reduced to the same level as the outgoing year's, the minister said.
The opposition's main remarks concerning the proposed Budget revision are that it does not include any development projects and that it creates a gap in the Budget due to the current expenditure.
What's so disastrous is not the mind boggling borrowing, nor the additional compound interest, nor that even this borrowing is dependent on very optimistic growth levels, nor that it's on top of increased taxes, it's that it leaves so little room for manoeuvre, not least because so much of this money is going on current expenditure rather than investment, that massive public spending cuts AND tax hikes AND getting IMF bail out money may be the outcome for whichever government is in power in mid 2010.
The source quoted the Iraqi minister as saying that he is working with advisors and officials to reconsider some budget allocations and to reduce the current expenditure in an attempt to cut the budget deficit.
About three out of every five current expenditure dollars were spent on teachers, textbooks, and other instructional services and supplies.
Wardrop has also reduced bandwidth usage by up to 5X, allowing the company to reduce its current expenditure on bandwidth and delay future network upgrades.
The monthly statistical bulletin said that the public expenditure in current expenditure sector registered a marginal increase by 0.
Capital expenditure growth will remain modest, but current expenditure will increase steadily as, assuming only limited success in replacing expatriate labor with nationals in the private sector, the government wage bill rises.
FEDERAL MINISTRIES: A total of 17 ministries have been devolved to the provinces and, therefore, there would be no allocation for them for current expenditure in the budget.