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To collect the available information related to the process of evaluation and management of the currently existing varna municipality program for waste management; 2.
However, the IAAF backtracked on that decision at their council meeting in Monaco, issuing a statement which read: "The IAAF Council has approved the continued recognition of the currently existing world records, regardless of the type of race in which they were achieved."
The currently existing system for separation and recycling of household waste in Bulgaria features 22 000 containers in 101 municipalities with more than 3 million people.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced in March that a new prophylactic drug combination is proving so effective in animal studies that it will expand currently existing human trials.
An asset classified as doubtful has all the weakness inherent in one classified substandard with the added characteristic that the weaknesses make the collection or liquidation in full, on the basis of currently existing facts, conditions, and values, highly questionable and improbable.
The stream, which lies 50,000 light-years from NGC 205, would be the first found near Andromeda to come from another currently existing galaxy.
Peck prefers a `deliberately narrow definition'--`True euthanasia is the act of suicide, assisted or unassisted, with the predominant motive to avoid the existential emotional suffering inherent in physical dying from a currently existing fatal disease in its relatively terminal stages.'
LumenVox's SRE was designed to be easily integrated into any currently existing application.
Ross' title refers to the nine black "Greek" organizations currently existing under the National Panhellenic Council.
The Merrill Lynch commitment doubles the amount of space and jobs currently existing in Merrill Lynch's Fairfield operation.
In a divisive reorganization, a currently existing corporation splits up or spins off some of its assets into a new corporation; the remaining assets are retained by the corporation in existence prior to the division.
Provide the City of Sunny Isles Beach with ALL the necessary work, labor, and equipment to design, fabricate and install an extension piece to raise the existing steel frame and shade structure canopy at Town Center Park a minimum of 2-ft higher than is currently existing. Work shall include removal and reinstallation of the existing canopy.